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This list includes all known appearances. Titles not linked are those for which we have no pictures at this time,or for which we have not yet formatted and uploaded the pictures.

Movies & TV
48 Hrs. (movie)
Airplane! (movie)
Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn (TV movie)
Armed and Dangerous (movie)
Assassin (TV movie)
Barnaby Jones "Dead Heat" (TV episode)
Barnaby Jones "Duet for Dying" (TV episode)
Beverly Hills Cop (movie)
Big John, Little John (TV episode)
Blind Side (TV movie)
Body Shot (movie)
Boiling Point (movie)
Boys in Blue (TV pilot)
Buckaroo Banzai (movie)
Cagney and Lacey "Old Debts" (TV episode)
Carter Country (TV episode)
The Cheap Detective (movie)
Cold Steel (movie)
Coming Home (movie)
Crazy Like a Fox "Fox and Hounds" (TV episode)
Crocodile Dundee in L.A. (Movie)
Dark Breed (movie)
Designing Women "101 Ways to Decorate a Gas Station" (TV episode)
The Designing Women Special: Their Finest Hour (TV episode)
Desperate Voyage (TV movie)
The Devlin Connection "Claudine" (TV episode)
Diagnosis Murder "Murder by Friendly Fire" (TV episode)
Diagnosis Murder "Murder by Remote" (TV Episode)
The District "Fool’s Russian Pt.1" (TV episode)
Dollar for the Dead (TV movie)
Don't Touch My Daughter aka "Nightmare" (TV movie)
Downpayment on Murder (TV movie)
Downward Angel (Movie)
Due South "Heaven and Earth" (TV episode)
Face to Face (Movie)
Falcon Crest (TV series)
Fifth Missile (TV movie)
Fighting Nightingales (TV pilot)
Fired Up (TV series)
Flipper (movie)
Foolish (movie)
Frances (movie)
Freejack (movie)
The Gangster Chronicles (TV series)
The G.I.s (TV pilot)
The Girl in the Empty Grave (TV movie)
Gremlins (movie)
Hardcastle and McCormick "Birthday Present" (TV episode)
Hardcastle and McCormick "Outlaw Champions" (TV episode)
Hardcastle and McCormick "She Ain’t Deep..." (TV episode)
Harvey (TV Movie)
Highlander "Under Color of Authority" (TV episode)
Hill Street Blues "Spotlight on Rico" and "Buddy Can You Spare a Heart?" (TV episodes)
The Honeymoon Academy (movie)
The Invisible Woman (TV movie)
House Calls "Ducks of Hazard" (TV episode)
Hunter "The Big Fall" (TV episode)
Ike (TV miniseries)
Last Man Standing (movie)
Legmen "How the Other Half Dies" (TV episode)
Let the Devil Wear Black (Movie)
Little House on the Prairie "Darkness is My Friend" (TV episode)
Lou Grant "Kidnap" (TV episode)
Lou Grant "Rape" (TV episode)
Lou Grant "Sweep" (TV episode)
Marilyn and Bobby (TV movie)
Matlock "The P.I." (TV episode)
Matt Houston "Houston is Dead" (TV episode)
McClain's Law "From the Mouths of Babes" (TV episode)
Melanie Darrow (TV movie)
Mike Hammer: Murder Me Murder You (TV movie)
Millennium Man (TV movie)
Nadia (TV movie)
The Night They Took Miss Beautiful (TV movie)
Nightmare-see Don't Touch My Daughter
The Ordeal of Patty Hearst (TV movie)
Otherworld (TV series)
Outlaw Justice (TV movie)
Perry Mason: Lost Love (TV movie)
Perry Mason: Skin Deep Scandal (TV movie)
Pin (movie)
Proximity (Movie)
R.S.V.P. (Movie-Working Title Sticks and Stones)
Rage (TV movie)
Report to Murphy (TV series)
The Rose (movie)
Rowdies (TV pilot)
Sanford (TV episode)
SeaQuest 2032 "Resurrection" (TV episode)
SeaQuest DSV "Whale Song" (TV episode) 1993
Shadow of Obsession (TV movie)
Shannon "Neither a Borrower" (TV episode)
She's Dressed to Kill (TV movie)
Simon & Simon "Fly the Alibi Skies" (TV episode)
Simon & Simon "Matchmaker" (TV episode)
Simon & Simon "Sometimes Dreams Come True" (TV episode)
Star Trek Deep Space Nine "Battle LINES" (TV episode)
Stir Crazy (movie)
A Thousand Men and a Baby (TV movie)
T J Hooker "Breakout" (TV episode)
T. J. Hooker "Witness" (TV episode)
Tales From the Crypt "The Assassin" (TV episode)
There Goes The Neighborhood (movie)
Trash (movie)
The Trouble With Normal (TV Episode)
TV All-Star Censored Show Me the Bloopers (TV Special)
Under Siege 2 (movie)
Walker Texas Ranger "The Reunion" (TV episode)
The Waltons "The Wager" (TV episode)
Who is Julia? (TV movie)
Who'll Stop the Rain? (movie)
Wiseguy (TV movie)
Wiseguy (TV series)

Women of the House (TV series)
The Word (TV miniseries)


The Alchemist
Barefoot in the Park
Black Angel
Born Yesterday
The Carney Rod and Gun Club
Devil’s Disciple
Henry IV
The Idol Makers
A Little Night Music
The Lion in Winter
The Miss Firecracker Contest
No Place to be Somebody
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
The Recruiting Officer
Safe House
Summer and Smoke
Summer Brave
Teahouse of the August Moon
A Thousand Clowns
The Threepenny Opera
A Thurber Carnival
Twelfth Night
The Woolgatherer

High School and College