THE WALTONS "The Wager" (TV episode)

12/13/1979. Thursday, 8 pm. 1 hour.
CBS. Season 8 of 9. Episode 173.
Family drama
Code: WW 12/1979


Mary Ellen prods Erin into teaming with her and entering a 12-mile run and ride race, and places some dangerously steep bets that they will win. The ridicule of several men only spurs the girls on after they enter the horse race.


Writers: E.F. Wallengren, Claylene Jones.
Director: Gwen Arner.


Ralph Waite as John Walton
Robert Wightman as (this season’s) John Boy Walton
Judy Norton-Taylor as Mary Ellen Walton Willard
Mary Beth McDonough as Erin Walton
Kami Cotler as Elizabeth Walton


Jonathan Banks as Jeb Sanders
Mitch Carter as Sam Barker
Lewis Arquette as J.D. Pickett


Jeb is a lazy, sexist gold-bricker. Good ol' boy country accent. Gets taught a lesson when the girls beat him and his friend Sam Barker in the race, and he has to go back to the loading dock job he tried to finagle his way out of by claiming he had a bad back. JB gets to run full out at the end of the race.


It’s A Cloth Cap role. When he and Sam lose the race, he throws his cap down and kicks it.


"It’s that gol-durned back of mine, went out again."

"Ain’t you the bossy one. I swear, you give a woman a man’s job it goes to her head quicker ‘n a bottle of rye whisky."

"You weren’t a girl, I’d punch you right square in the nose."


7 scenes, in all except act 2.


Mitch Carter (IDM 4/1979)