WALKER, TEXAS RANGER "The Reunion" (TV Episode)

5/14/1994. CBS. Saturday, 9 pm. 2 hours.
Season 2 of ? Episode 25.
Code: WTR 5/1994


A retired Ranger brings a hidden agenda to a national pistol competition, where a group plans to assassinate an U.S. senator.


Writer: Donald G. Thompson.
Director: Michael Preece.


Chuck Norris as Walker
Clarence Gilyard as Jimmy Trivette
Noble Willingham as C.D. Parker
Sheree J. Wilson as Alex Cahill
Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman as "Uncle" Ray


Stuart Whitman as Laredo Boyd
William Prince as Miles Douglas
Alexia Robinson as Alisha Holmes
Ben Masters as Sen. Julian Knox
R.G. Armstrong as Dodge
L.Q. Jones as Selkirk
Clyde Kusatsu as Dr. Sweeney
Jonathan Banks as Shelby Valentine, professional killer. Listed 8th of 17. (Special guest star billing)
Maggie Baird as Jessie Pritchard


Valentine is a professional killer, kills three men with knife. Picks up Jessie in a bar, sleeps with her, later hits and kills her (off-camera) after she finds gun case he left hidden in her house. Has extended fistfight with Walker, including holding him by throat, and he gets kicked, punched, thrown and shot by Walker.


Valentine is a professional, efficient, works well with his team. Quotes Hitler. Smiles, laughs while pretending to be a nice guy. Aggressive lover. Shows some emotion when he has to kill a member of his own team. Growling, yelling when arrested.


Good job on the contrasts between nice guy and cold killer. The aggressive sexual behavior is great. Valentine is shaking when he kills Mitchell, from his own team, and he pats the body afterwards.

The final fight scene is uneven. The stunt man is not a good match for JB and is used in a number of shots where it is obvious it's a different guy. Also, just to be terribly picky, you can see that JB is wearing kneepads in one shot.


JB is wearing his wedding ring throughout. Clothing includes a lot of blues, which is a good color on him. He has a shoulder holster.


"You've heard the admonition, to rest is not to conquer?"

"You keep things warm for me till I get back."

"He lost direction."

"I am responsible for that officer's removal."

"Perfect score. It's all skill, no luck involved."

"What do you say, Walker? Let's finish this competition and see who really is the best."


About 15 minutes in 13 scenes, throughout episode.


Clyde Kusatsu (WG 9/1987, episodes 11-21)