7/29-8/23/1981. Gallery Theater, Barnsdall Park.
Los Angeles. Free Public Theater Festival.
Code: WOOL 7/1981

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Two character play by the author of Extremities, the story of a long night's encounter between Cliff, a truck driver, and Rose, a candy-counter salesgirl. Cliff's rig breaks down in Philadelphia and Rose invites him to her apartment, but not for what the audience or Cliff expects. "Cliff is a realist, a lonely one who bravely navigates his own equally desolate and uncharted seas guided only by the seat of his blue jeans and a dependable sense of humor... It leaves us dangling as our sparring partners finally begin to connect in a startling fantasy sequence about the Pacific Ocean." Los Angeles Times, 7/31/1981, sec.VI, p.14


Writer: William Mastrosimone.
Director: Norman Cohen.


Jonathan Banks as Cliff, a truck driver. Listed 1st of 2.
Shelley Long as Rose


JB names this his favorite role. (MG94)

And, wow, what a great review.


"Yet in the skilled hands of Jonathan Banks and Shelley Long, The Woolgatherer becomes a rich and absorbing personal odyssey, only slightly overextended, now and then, in some of Rose’s more plaintive narratives. Banks, as Cliff, has an irresistible blend of strength and enormous tenderness. He is an actor of particular intensity and containment, whose performance here is a validation of the powerful imprint left by his previous work on other Los Angeles stages..." Sylvie Drake, Los Angeles Times, 7/31/1981, sec.VI, p.14.