SIMON & SIMON "Sometimes Dreams Come True" (TV episode)

12/2/1982. Thursday, 9 pm. 1 hour.
CBS. Season 2 of 8. Episode 19.
Detective drama.
Code: SSS 12/1982


After she has a frightening dream about her sister, a woman asks A.J. and Rick for help when her identical twin sister disappears.


Writer: James Crocker.
Director: Bernard McEveety.


Jameson Parker as A.J. (Andrew Jackson) Simon
Gerald McRaney as Rick Simon
Jeannie Wilson as Janet Fowler
Mary Carver as Cecilia Simon
Eddie Barth as Myron Fowler


Lisa Eilbacher as Maggie and Sharon Dameron
Jonathan Banks as Alan Wyncoop, rich stalker of women. Listed 2nd of guests
Ken Swofford as Lloyd Getz
Kathrine Baumann
Del Hinkley as Bill Rawlins
Christina Hart as April


Alan is a stalker and a murderer. He stalks and woos women and keeps the body of an earlier victim in his closet. He knocks an investigator over his head, then tries to kill him by crashing his RV down a hill. Grabs Maggie, holds her hostage. Knees A.J. in gut, then gets tackled off his motorcycle by Rick, and rolled into a flower bed.


Alan is soft, reasonable sounding, but totally crazy. He has lots of money, and owns 12 houses and stays briefly at each. He takes photos of the girls he's after, buys them clothes. Familiar JB bad guy business includes the mouth wipe after releasing the brake on the RV, the soft, loony smiles, and lots of heavy breathing while holding Maggie.


Don’t miss the scene with full formal wedding attire.


"I want us to be friends, Sharon."

"You're the woman I've fallen in love with. I've loved you from afar and now I wish to express the depth of my affection for you."

"I abhor violence, but I'm not afraid to use it."


About 3 minutes in 13 sceness, throughout episode. (Scenes in the first half are all brief dream, drawing, or stalker cuts.)


Jameson Parker (SSM 3/1982; SSF 10/1983; WIJ 10/1986)
Gerald McRaney (SSM 3/1982; SSF 10/1983, TMB 12/1997)
Lisa Eilbacher (OPH 3/1979; BHC 12/1984)