SIMON & SIMON "Fly the Alibi Skies" (TV episode)

10/27/1983. Thursday, 9 pm. 1 hour.
CBS. Season 3 of 8. Episode 39.
Detective drama.
Code: SSF 10/1983


While trying to find their client's missing brother, the Simons become embroiled in a murder case being investigated by their old nemesis, Lt. Bogardus, but their suspect has an iron-clad alibi. A.J. enlists the help of some computer-savvy kids to search out evidence. (Note: This episode is a cross-over with a new series, The Whiz Kids.)


Writer: Tom Porter.
Director: Vincent McEveety.


Jameson Parker as A. J. (Andrew Jackson) Simon
Gerald McRaney as Rick Simon


James Wainwright as Toby Hannan
Jonathan Banks as Lt. Julian "Bad Hair" Bogardus, LAPD, Toluca Lake Div. Listed 2nd of guests.
Arlene Golonka as Joyce Allreed
Robert Modes as Albert Allreed
Matthew Laborteaux as Richie Adler
Todd Porter as Hamilton Parker
Jeffrey Jacquet as Jeremy Saldino
Daphne Maxwell as Temple Hill


Bogardus hates P.I.s and is mean and sarcastic. He has a longstanding feud with Rick, kicks the coffee machine to spill hot coffee on him, and is also verbally abusive to both Simons. He is vain, and wears a bad toupee. He is "a cop with the worst rug on the entire West Coast." Dislikes being made fun of. Likes looking good for the press, and takes credit for the Simons’ work.


This is a crossover episode, part 2 of "Deadly Roads" on The Whiz Kids, which aired the night before. The Whiz Kids only lasted the one season (1983/84), despite such touches as Richie’s talking computer, Ralf.


The black wavy toupee steals the show. It is the essence of bad hair. There is a lot of sleeves rolled up, tie loosened cop-at-work style here.


"You two barbarians." "You termites." (Among the insults to the Simons.)

"You two wanna talk about frying some fish - if I catch you near my pan, I'm gonna scale you, cut your tails off, and fry you up nice and crisp."


About 2 minutes, 45 seconds in 6 scenes, throughout episode.


Jameson Parker (SSM 3/1982; SSS 12/1982; WIJ 10/1986)
Gerald McRaney (SSM 3/1982; SSS 12/1982; TMB 12/1997)