SEAQUEST DSV "Whale Song" (TV episode)

2/6/1994. NBC. Sunday, 8pm. 1 hour.
Season 1 of 3. Episode 16.
Science fiction.
Code: SQWS 2/1994


Bridger is ordered to seek and destroy a renegade sub that has been sinking illegal whaling ships.


Writer: Patrick Hasburgh.
Director: Bryan Spicer.


Roy Scheider as Captain Nathan Bridger
Jonathan Brandis as Lucas Wolenczak
Don Franklin as Commander Jonathan Ford
Ted Raimi as Lt. Tim O'Neill
Marco Sanchez as Chief Miguel Ortiz
Stephanie Beacham as Dr. Kristin Westphalen
Stacy Haiduk as Lt. Cmdr. Katie Hitchcock
John D'Aquino as Lt. Benjamin Krieg
Royce D. Applegate as Chief Crocker


Jonathan Banks as Maximilian Scully, oceanographer turned whale defender. Listed 1st of guests.
Robert Engels as Dr. Malcolm Lansdowne
Peter DeLuise as Wiggins
Jack McGee as Mike Lutz
Derek Webster as Corbett
Jesse Doran as General Frank Thomas
Leo V. Gordon as Smith
Frank McCarthy as Jones
Denis Arndt as Navy Quartermaster Bickle
Richard Herd as Admiral Noyce


Scully takes law into his own hands, orders a torpedo attack that result in the deaths of illegal whalers and innocent cruise-ship tourists. But he also defends whales against illegal destruction, upholds laws ignored by agencies that should enforce them.


Man of strong convictions. Motivated by despair that the system is not protecting the whales. Believes that he must do so, that there are only victims or soldiers and that everyone makes their own choice of where to take a stand. Has burn scars on left of face and left hand (gloved) from explosion of his ship, when he was thought to have died. (Dates in obituary notice make Scully same age as JB.) Has known Bridger a long time, and well enough to manipulate him to make his escape. Has old whaling painting, ship model, and brass in his cabin. Lights a candle and prays after loss of ship.


Same theme as Hardcastle & Mc Cormick "She Ain't Deep But She Sure Runs Fast" (9/1985), also written by Patrick Hasburgh.

The second photo shown with the obituary (with dates) is JB's circa 1987-1995 resume 8 x 10 photo, somewhat cropped.

David Burke (Wiseguy) was an executive producer on this series, and many familiar faces from Wiseguy show up. See WORKED WITH.

Good scenes for JB include the bar scene and Scully’s very intense confrontation with Bridger.


Has burn scars on left of face and also left hand, which he covers with a black glove. Clothes are layered for warmth, with sweatshirts, sweaters, jacket, and watch cap.

The last two scenes have a costume continuity error, with a blue sweatshirt in the last scene that should still be the blue sweater of the scene before.


"I'm a hero, and let me tell you something I've learned about heroism. It's often done by men who are frightened or stupid. I don't like to think of myself as stupid, Nathan, but I am frightened. For you, for me, the world, my seas, the whales, everything. So I'm willing to make the final sacrifice -- eternal damnation, so be it. Because that is heroism, Nathan. Knowing there is no return. Doing what you think is right, regardless."


About 11 minutes in 11 scenes throughout episode, including photos with obituary.


Jesse Doran (WG 9/1987, episode 48)
Leo V. Gordon (WG 9/1987, episode 63-64)
Richard Herd (IKE 5/1979; TJHW 4/1982, TJHB 3/1983)