SEAQUEST 2032 "Resurrection" (TV episode)

12/6/1995. NBC. Sunday, 8 pm. 1 hour.
Season 3 of 3. Episode 51.
Science fiction.
Code: SQR 12/1995


Maximillian Scully returns. Pardoned by the EUO ten years ago for the accidental murder of three hundred people on a cruise ship, he has since founded Ecotopia, an ecologically pure undersea colony. But a bounty hunter is on his trail, and the Seaquest crew are suspicious of his true motives.


Writers: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin.
Director: Oscar L. Costo.


Michael Ironside as Captain Oliver Hudson
Jonathan Brandis as Lucas Wolenczak
Don Franklin as Cmdr. Jonathan Ford
Michael DeLuise as Tony Piccolo
Ted Raimi as Lt. Tim O’Neill
Kathy Evison as Lonnie Henderson
Elise Neal as Lt. J.J. Fredricks
Peter DeLuise as Dagwood


Jonathan Banks as Maximillian Scully, ambassador of Ecotopia.
Michael Costello as General McGath
Patricia Charbonneau as Elaine Morse


Scully plans to plunge world into a nuclear winter.


Scully is still obsessed, still trying to save the world, or at least just a bit of it. See himself as a prophet; quotes the Bible. (Follow-up to SQWS, 2/6/1994.) Had a past affair with Elaine; who rejected him years ago.


Scully has a scar on the left side of his face (toned down from SQWS 2/1994 to show passage of time.) JB has a beard for this role.


Laser blasted by Elaine.


"I’d like to take the long way. It’s not every day I get to ride on Seaquest."

"Sad how two such peaceful dreams can bring about so much death."

"They can’t silence the three hundred screams I hear every time I close my eyes."

"What we’re trying to prove is that man can leave their concrete jungles and return to the soil… their future is not in empire but in community."

"I was a good man once until the evils of this world drove me to an unspeakable act. Now, I can’t change the act, but I am trying the change the world."

(To Elaine) "This isn’t about justice. It’s about rejection. How many of your ex-lovers are you stalking? I can’t be the only one."

"Forty-three minutes and the second age of man begins. Maybe this time we’ll get it right."

"I’m going to explode the largest nuclear bomb in the world and your Seaquest is the trigger."

"Don’t you think that Moses knew he’s never see the Promised Land?"


13 minutes in sixteen scenes, throughout episode.


Patricia Charbonneau (WG 9/1987, ep.27-31)
Most of SeaQuest cast (SQWS 2/1994)