4/5-16/1973. Master Theatre.
Equity Library Theater, 310 Riverside Drive, New York.
Limited engagement, 14 performances.
Code: SBR 4/1973


A comedy rewritten by Inge from his script for the movie Picnic. A study of small-town Midwesterners, centered on a widow and her two teenage daughters whose lives are disrupted by the arrival of a young drifter.


Writer: William Inge.
Director: Ian Wilder.


Faith Callin as Millie Owens
Bill Cwikowski as Poopdeck McCullough
Jon Banks as Bomber
Ron Paul Little as Beano
Judy Fields as Madge Owens


"The acting was exceptional... an admirably unified cast... they miss nothing of what Mr. Inge intended... the performances are generally so good that toward the end, as tension accelerates in quiet, beautifully written passages, one viewer felt as if he was eavesdropping." Howard Thompson, New York Times, 4/9/1973, p.49.