RSVP (Movie)

1/15/2002 (Slam Dunk 2002, Park City, Utah)
aka Sticks and Stones
Code: RSV 1/2002
Not yet released


"Nicky's having a party... and everyone's dying to be there." A college graduate throws one last party and proceeds to kill his friends one by one. Hal Evans is a doctoral candidate and professor of criminal psychology who is fascinated by serial killers and other murderes. Callie is a downstairs neighbor who shows up uninvited.


Writer/ Director: Mark Anthony Galluzzo


Glenn Quinn as Hal Evans
Jason Mewes as Terry
Majandra Delfino as Callie
Daniel Joseph as John "Skyles" Skyles
Grace Zabriskie as Mary Franklin
Jonathan Banks as Walter Franklin
Rick Otto as Nick Collier
Lucas Babin as Jimmy Franklin
Brandi Andres as Jordan
Nora Zehetner as Leigh
Jeanne Chinn as Cricket
Reno Wilson as Garrett


Mark Anthony Galluzzo, writer director (TR 6/1999)