PROXIMITY (Cable TV movie)

4/15/2000 85 minutes
Drama/Thriller Warner Brothers
Rated R
Video/DVD release 7/24/2001
Code: PRX 4/2001


A man in prison on manslaughter charges discovers a plot to murder murderers. He and his family are targeted for death when he escapes with the knowledge of the prison murder ring and its highly placed organizers.


Writers: Ben Queen and Seamus Ruane
Director: Scott Ziehl


Rob Lowe as William Conroy, in prison for manslaughter.
Jonathan Banks as John Price, prison guard
Kelly Rowan as Anne Conroy, William’s wife.
T. C. Carson as Yaskim, second guard
Joe Santos as Warden Clive Plummer
Mark Boone, Jr. as Eric Hawthorne, Conroy’s lawyer
David Flynn as Lawrence Hampton, prisoner in on murder ring
James Coburn as Jim Corcoran, head of a victim’s rights group.


"... strong performances from Mr. Lowe, veteran character actor Banks and seasoned vet Coburn. 'Proximity' incorporates too many coincidences, contrivances and logic lapses to reach the top genre level. But for viewers in the mood for solid, earnest action fare that zips along in a breathless straight line, getting next to 'Proximity' rates as a pretty fair idea." 'Phantom Of The Movies,' The Washington Times, July 19, 2001, p. M24.


Price is part of the murder ring, but unhappy with the means used to take out Conroy. He takes out his anger on Hampton, whose attack wounded him and caused him other injuries when the van crashed. Price jumps Hampton, growling, and tries to strangle him. Later when Hampton taunts Price, Price pushes his gun into his face. Price decides they have gone too far, when Conroy’s son is endangered and eventually surrenders rather than shoot Conroy, smiling as he lets himself be handcuffed.


Mostly obedient to the Warden. Price has low tolerance of his partner’s views on gun ownership. The psycho look is in evidence when Price attacks Hampton in the car. But he does have a line, and using Hampton, the prisoner Price describes as an "animal" is where he draws it. He eventually chooses not to participate any longer in the plot.


The location work is foregrounded; the viewer never doubts it’s Cleveland, as many distinctive landmarks are on display.

On the DVD, the cast bio for JB has Joe Santos' picture instead of JBs.


Guard uniform. Outside, wears khakis and plaid shirt. Wears rings on both ring fingers. Lots of wounds, including long slice on forehead, from van wreck.


Note: all dialogue liberally sprinkled with the f-word, the only adjective anyone knows.

"Are you all right? (Yeah) Then why didn’t you shoot him?"

"This isn’t right!"


Cleveland. East Cleveland. Cleveland Heights. Filmed summer 2000.


About half the film, throughout.