PIN (Movie)

1/27/1989. 105 min. Video release 8/28/1992.
Code: PIN 1/1989


The two lonely children of a doctor, raised in a sterile, loveless environment, turn to Pin, the doctor’s medical teaching dummy, as their only friend, a relationship that proves disastrous to relatives, friends, and sanity.


Writer/Director: Sandor Stern.


David Hewett as Leon
Cyndy Preston as Ursula
John Ferguson as Stan Fraker
Terry O'Quinn as Dr. Linden
Bronwen Mantel as Mrs. Linden
Jonathan Banks as the voice of Pin.


This voice-over role is unique in JB’s resume to my knowledge. This is a stylish, rather quiet horror movie, long on psychology and atmosphere, short on gore. It is very compelling, and JB’s quietly strange voice for the dummy adds greatly to the atmosphere of the film. Notable is the scene where the doctor gives the birds-and-the-bees speech to the children, using Pin. (Pin is a nickname the daughter gave the dummy, short for Pinocchio.)


"I have never lied to you or for you."

"Leon, hide the body and come back and clean up the blood."

"You and I have a great deal to talk about."


Filmed in St.Lambert and Iberville, Canada.