1/26-3/16/1985. Saturday, 8 pm. 1 hour.
CBS. 1 season. 8 episodes.
Science fiction.
Code: OTW 1/1985T



A family touring Egypt are transported into a parallel universe, run afoul of the malevolent Kommander Kroll, and live briefly in different societies trying to escape Kroll and find a way home.


Sam Groom as Hal Sterling
Gretchen Corbett as June Sterling
Tony O'Dell as Trace Sterling
Jonna Lee as Gina Sterling
Brandon Crane as Smith Sterling
Jonathan Banks as Kommander Nuveen Kroll, Zone Trooper leader. Listed 6th of 6 regulars.


Space Nazi. Lots of verbal abuse.


Kroll is gruff, does a lot of barking and screaming. Motivated by revenge. Brutal, casually orders executions. Hero of unification wars, brags about his exploits. Subservient to his superior officers. Lies about theft of crystal. He likes women; in episode 4, he eyes the girls at the rock concert, and in episode 6, he brags to a girl about his exploits while she nibbles his earlobe during meal.


The Zone trooper uniform is very fitted, gray with black and red accents, with a black sci-fi gun on right hip. The dress uniform in episode 6 is red with gold studs on front.

In episode 4’s nightmare vision JB is in drag-- blonde curly wig, red sleeveless dress, black feather boa, red long gloves, bracelets. And in episode 6 when he is auctioned off by the women that run the area, he wears a gold lame sleeveless low-cut tank top and short shorts with belt, both very fitted.


"Jonathan Banks will play their 'vengeful paramilitary nemesis,' Kommander Nuveen Kroll, who is Zone Commander of the Imperial Forces of Imar's 13th Phantom Security Division (I don't know about you, but I don't like Kommander Kroll already)..." Washington Post, 12/20/1984.

"Quick, somebody give them some red slippers so they can click their heels and end this nightmare." People, 1/28/1985.

"Has possibilities despite hokey premise... Kroll, the prototype of a Nazi S.S. trooper portrayed with just the right touch of venomous stupidity by Jonathan Banks." Chicago Tribune, 1/26/1985, p.13.

"No energy here, no sense of excitement." Los Angeles Times, 1/25/1985, sec.VI, p.19.

Also New York Times, 1/23/1985, sec.III, p.26.

Starlog 2/1985 no.91, p.48 and 5/1985 no.94, p.72.


Listed with each episode.


Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6.


Gretchen Corbett (SDK 12/1979)
Vincent Schiavelli, episodes 5. (ABB 8/1984; HMB 2/1985; FJ 1/1992)