4/9/1983. Saturday, 9 pm. 2 hours.
Detective drama.
aka: "Murder Me, Murder You."
Code: MSMH 4/1983


Hammer goes in search of the daughter he never knew and tries to learn why her mother died.


Writer: William Stratton.
Director: Gary Nelson.


Stacy Keach as Mike Hammer
Tanya Roberts as Velda
Don Stroud as Captain Pat Chambers
Delta Burke as Paula Corey
Tom Atkins as Jack Vance
Jonathan Banks as Janos Saracen, pron film maker. Listed 6th of 24.
Kent Williams as D.A. Lawrence Barrington
Lisa Blount as Michelle Jameson (SGS)
Michelle Phillips as Chris Jameson


"Prince of porno," "one of the top maggots in Sewer City," and "the king of Slime Square" according to Mike Hammer. Saragraphic Film Co. makes porn films, but has cleaned up the material to sell to the cable market. It is implied that Saracen may have gotten rid of people that have crossed him ("He hurts people-permanently.") but he is not actually responsible for Michelle's disappearance, or any of the multiple deaths in the plot.

Has two attendant thugs.


Very quiet and contained, a noticeable contrast to Hammer, who punches people when he has no other way to end a conversation. Has a gourmet meal on hand and watches the filming of two girls in bikinis in a mud ring while he eats. Seems reminiscently affectionate about the missing Michelle, whom he got off drugs and into drama school.


All in all, a good role with some ambiguity; not a standard bad guy.

The film is uneasy; Hammer's post WWII fedora-wearing world filled with women in low cut tops and tight skirts, all instantly attracted to him, not fitting at all in its then- contemporary post-Vietnam 80's setting. Also, the characters seem to view the porn film trade as worse than drug addiction or even murder. But the twist on the identity of the murderer is quite well done.

Many thanks to Fritz for supplying this film.


A classic three piece white suit of the disco era. Purple shirt, white tie. Short hair.


(Velda strips to a leotard posing as a prospective actress to get into the secured studio-shall I let her in, boss?) "By all means, Sal. She reminds me of mother."

"I suppose it was inevitable that we meet, Hammer. I've heard so much about your Don Quixote complex."

"Ah, Hammer. You're enjoying a most undeserved and very precarious hospitality."

(After Hammer threatens to shut him down) "I've made my last brown sock movie, Hammer. You have no lever and I have no reason to discuss Michelle Jameson other than my natural generosity."

(Michelle turned him in) "I almost did five to eight in the house of doors." Hammer: I love it. Saracen: "Almost."

"Well, tell your client that Michelle's career was short-lived. While I played a minor part, Daddy played the major role. He abandoned her."

(After Hammer puts out his cigarette in Saracen's wineglass, dumps the dinner table, and fights the two thugs) "You have a definite behavior problem, Hammer."

(About Hammer captured by the thugs) "Well, we may just want to film this!" (Velda arrives and rescues him) "What an entrance, and none of it on film."

"You think I'll forget this?"


Filmed on location in New York, and in studio in L.A. JB's scenes were probably all in studio.


About 4 1/2; minutes, 38 minutes into film.


A nice tone when he names his current epic, "Deep Fun."

As a parting shot, Hammer pushes him into the mud pit. Saracen just lies there, pulls out a handkerchief, and calmly wipes his fingers; a great bit of business.


Delta Burke (DWO 9/1987; WOH 1/1995; MEL 8/1997)