MATT HOUSTON "Houston is Dead" (TV episode)

1/20/1984 1 hour. Season 2 of 3. Episode 38.
Detective drama. ABC. Friday, 10 pm.
Code: MHH 1/1984


Houston is pronounced clinically dead after being shot during his investigation of a missing nurse. The case leads him to a private hospital with dubious practices, and a doctor whose wealthy wife is in a coma.


Writer: Michael Fisher.
Director: Charles Picerni.


Lee Horsley as Matlock "Matt" Houston
Pamela Hensley as C.J. Parsons
Lincoln Kilpatrick as Lt. Michael Hoyt

GUEST CAST (alphabetical list)

Jonathan Banks as Charles Dudley.
Lonny Chapman
Alan Fudge as Dr. Hunnicutt
C.J. Hincks
Wendy Kilbourne
Paul Koslo
Marian McKnight


A classic 'crazy Vietnam vet' role. Cashiered from the Army demolition squad, mental patient, petty thief. Makes four attempts to kill Houston (rifle, explosives, handgun, knife.) See also: LINES.


Dudley is ineffectual, shooting Houston twice at four feet distance and failing to kill him. Most scenes are of the 'silent menace' variety. Giggles and laughs during mayhem. Seems completely unsurprised and calm when Houston shows up at the hospital right after Dudley should believe he blew Houston up.


He has a gold hoop earring in his right ear, and an orange streak in his hair above his left temple.

The all black outfit in scenes 2, 4, and 5 is flattering


Houston throws him out a second floor window, presumably killing him.


"In Vietnam they taught me to be thorough. Once I blew up a building with 280 people in it. (That must have been thrilling for you.) (laughs) "Yes. Yes it was, Mr. Rutledge. They called me Dr. Death."

"Some kids always dreamed about Christmas. With me it was always the Fourth of July. Geronimo." (Detonates explosives, then giggles.)


About 2 1/2 minutes in six scenes.