3/?-5/11/1980. Victory Theater, Burbank.
Code: MFC 3/1980


It's July fourth in a small Mississippi town. Carnelle wants to win the contest of the title; her cousin Elain arrives announcing she's leaving her husband and sons; Elain's brother Delmont arrives to sell the house. Conflict, laughter and love ensue, always with irony. "...Mac Sam (Jonathan Banks) the most laid back balloon vendor in all the South and a former lover of Carnelle's whom she once infected with an unnamed 'disease.' This doesn't bother Sam, who has long ago learned to keep his equanimity with the help of a vest pocket flask." Los Angeles Times, 3/15/1980, sec.II, p.8.


Writer: Beth Henley.
Director: Maria Gobetti.

CAST (not in order)

Mary McCusker as Carnelle Scott
Belita Moreno as Popeye Jackson
Cheryl Anderson as Elain
Stephen Towblowsky as Delmount Scott
Marty Doty as Tessy Mahoney
Jonathan Banks as Mac Sam, a balloon vendor.


"Funny, fun, cogently directed if not always cogently written... a richly personal voice… Banks as Mac Sam carves out an equally brilliant study in economy, transmitting more in the slow-motion bat of an eyelash or the savoring of a loving word than most actors do with four times the energy." Sylvie Drake, Los Angeles Times 3/15/1980 sec.II, p.8.