8/4/1993. USA. Wednesday, 9 pm. 2 hours.
Drama/Fictional biography.
Code: MAB 8/1993


A fictional account of an alleged romance between Marilyn Monroe and Robert F. Kennedy just before Marilyn's death from a sleeping pill overdose.


Writer: Gerard MacDonald.
Director: Bradford May.


Melody Anderson as Marilyn Monroe
James F. Kelly as Robert F. Kennedy
Jonathan Banks as Joe Scoman, ex-con. Listed 3rd of 33.
Kristoffer Tabori as James
Geoffrey Blake as Carl
Richard A. Dysart as J. Edgar Hoover
Thomas Wagner as Jimmy Hoffa


Joe is a hitman and an ex-con. He is violent with Carl, the kid sent by Hoffa to assist him; grabs his throat, chokes him into dropping his gun. Hits Carl in the car, gives him a bloody nose; also pushes him and threatens him with his fist.


Joe is hired to watch Monroe and Kennedy. He is the everyman character that observes Monroe and Kennedy as the viewer does, from a distance. Joe wants out of his hitman job, wants a better life for his wife and son. He has an ulcer, takes tablets constantly, and seems tired and defeated by his life. (JB is 6 years older than the character.) Spent ten years in Chino Men's Prison for hit job; has burn scar acquired there. Doesn't want to kill Kennedy, but needs the money; doesn't pull trigger when Hoffa orders hit. Presents Hoffa with the information about Monroe's diary, but objects to murdering her as way to ruin Kennedy. He brings his wife flowers (see LINES.) Wants to stop events when Marilyn overdoses. Removes his hat at her funeral.


JB's character gives humanity to what would otherwise be total tabloid exploitation. He's good, but this is pretty low as movies go.

The film gives him lots of extreme close-ups that show off his eyes.


Ordinary guy clothes, sports shirts, etc. Unflattering narrow brimmed hat. Shoulder holster.


Hated it.

"Crude cash in... tasteless mishmash..." Variety, 8/4/1993.

"Fuzzy... chaotic..." New York Times, 8/4/1993, sec.C, p.18.

"Shamelessly squalid... Banks and Blake get a real Skipper-and-Gilligan routine going, and Jonathan Banks gives indications that he has both the physical and comic potential to star in the life story of Jimmy Durante." Washington Post, 8/4/1993 Style, p.1.

"Hard Copy goes to the movies... The performances and the period production are nicely done... but the only one to come off as truly interesting is Jonathan Banks, who plays a troubled guy named Joe who is... an honest, gentle recovering hitman-killer... Joe's just too nice a guy." Hollywood Reporter, 8/3/1993.


"Mr. Hoffa, I don't do hits anymore."

"Mr. Hoffa, I am 39 years old. June, I'm gonna be 40. A straight job would suit me just fine, but what would not suit me, what would not suit me at all is going back to Chino for any length of time."

"I don't want anyone to point a gun at me."

"Ten years in Chino, two-thirds mandatory, you miss a lot. You get out, your kid doesn't know who you are. A lot of my life went missing."

"Secret Service, FBI, gangsters, I dunno. After awhile, I quit asking."

(About scar) "Boy ironed my shirt for me in Chino, kid."

(About flowers) "Sorry, honey, they're a little tired, kinda like me."

(About Monroe) "God help her."


Filmed in Los Angeles.


19 minutes in 17 scenes, throughout film.