1/24/1996. 95 min. Video release only.
Action / police drama.
Code: LMS 1/1996


A cop finds himself caught between an organized crime gang and a ring of crooked cops.


Writer/Director: Josph Mehri.


Jeff Wincott as Kurt
Jillian McWhirter as Anabella
Steve Eastin as Seagrove
Jonathan Fuller as Underwood
Jonathan Banks as Detective Frank "Doc" Gates, veteran police officer (Special Guest Star)


Doc keeps himself out of trouble by not getting involved. Values cops he can trust. Is writing a book on his police career. Has difficult relationship with his mother’s cooking. (Mom gives him his lunch in a child’s metal lunchbox.) Has little fondness for idiots. Is polite to the waitress at restaurant. Was two-timed by his wife. Willing to turn blind eye to his partner’s strong-arm techniques. Jaded by experience.


Good death scene. Scenes with his mom are cute.


Shot in back by bad cop while held hostage.


(to suspect shooting at him) "Sir, you really should (shoots him) give it up."

"Mom, Mama, Mom-- you put mushrooms in my cereal."

Calls the D.A. a moron under his breath.

(To Kurt) "I know a little about everybody. I’ve got you down in my book as proud, stubborn, bright-- but a good cop."

"I’m older than you are and my advice to you is leave it alone."

"Me, I’m still around, I’m still alive and one of these days I am gonna sell my book. I’ll make a million bucks and take care of Mom and sip margaritas in Mexico and that, my friend, should be your goal. Leave it alone." (The experienced viewer knows during this speech that Doc will be killed soon.)

(To guy with gun on him.) "Fuck you, asshole." (to partner) "God damn you, you shoot him."


Filmed in Long Beach, California.


About 8 minutes in 9 scenes. (1-7 in first 25 min; voiceover at l hr.; picture at 1 hr, 30 min.)