LOU GRANT "Sweep" (TV episode)

2/5/1979. Monday, 10 pm. 1 hour.
CBS. Season 2 of 5. Episode 36.
Newspaper drama
Code : LGS 2/1979


When the INS raids a favorite Mexican restaurant, the Trib staffers investigate illegal workers. Back at the Trib, Lou works with a new assistant, Mrs. Pynchon's niece.


Writer: Steve Kline.
Director: Charles S. Dubin.


Edward Asner as Lou Grant
Robert Walden as Joe Rossi
Linda Kelsey as Billie Newman
Mason Adams as Charlie Hume
Jack Bannon as Art Donovan
Daryl Anderson as Dennis "Animal" Price
Nancy Marchand as Margaret Pynchon


Maureen McCormick as Tiffany (yes, she was Marcia Brady)
Rafael Campos as Jesus
Jonathan Banks as Cyrus, a Border Patrol officer. Listed 3rd of guests
Cynthia Avila
Maria-Elena Cordero as Rosa


Cyrus is a gentle, laid-back type, who enjoys his job, and smiles a lot. He knows that sending illegals back is a game, a game the illegals win because of perseverance, but he is philosophical about it. He is upset when finds dead woman.


Excellent script. Business for JB include a characteristic back of hand wipe to his mouth when he finds the dead woman. When he runs after the illegals he's "part mountain goat" says Rossi, and the viewer must agree—he can run. He’s in good shape; he lifts the ‘dead’ woman instead of rolling her over.


"There's Mexico on the other side of that fence. Now that's not much of a border, is it?" "The average Jose, he just wants a job. I don't blame him. If I was in his spot, I'd climb that fence, too."

"I don't deal in answers. What would you do? Issue national identity cards to everybody in the country? Then the liberals and the conservatives would kill you."


About 4 minutes, in 3 scenes in act 3.


Robert Walden (PMLL 2/1987)
Mason Adams (WIJ 10/1986)
All Lou Grant regulars (LG 11/1979, LGR 1/1981)