LOU GRANT "Rape" (TV episode)

1/12/1981. Monday, 10 pm. 1 hour.
CBS. Season 4 of 5. Episode 79.
Newspaper drama.
Code: LGR 1/1981


The horror of 'everyday crime' is brought home to the city room when one of the Trib's reporters is raped.


Producer-Writer-Director: Seth Freeman.


Edward Asner as Lou Grant
Robert Walden as Joe Rossi
Linda Kelsey as Billie Newman
Mason Adams as Charlie Hume
Jack Bannon as Art Donovan
Daryl Anderson as Dennis "Animal" Price
Nancy Marchand as Margaret Pynchon


Lynne Moody as Sharon
Jonathan Banks as Intruder. Listed 2nd of guests
Linda Carlson as Carol
Macon McCalmon as Kibbee
Maggie Gwinn as Nurse O’Brien
Julia Duffy as Charlene
Carrie Freeman as Secretary (related to Seth Freeman, maybe?)


Script was Emmy-nominated.


The nameless intruder slaps Sharon on the face with her money, puts his hand over her mouth, drags her to couch, ties her hands with belt. Kisses her forehead, runs hand through her hair. The rape(s) are not shown, just the threats leading up to them.


He’s understatedly mean and threatening, with the possibility of violence. When he first grabs Sharon he’s growling, breathing hard, but calms down later. Insecure, asks for a lot of verbal reassurance. Nervous fingertip tap and rub on knife blade and coffee cup. JB gets a lot of character depth into this guy with physical business, and it’s very effective.


"I scare you, don't I?"

"Whatta you think, you think I need to get it that way? I got a girlfriend."

"I want to make love to you."

"I'm not going. And this time, you're going to act like you like it."

"Maybe... maybe we could do this again sometime."


About 4 minutes in 5 scenes, last moments of act 1, the rest in act 2.


Mason Adams (WIJ 10/1986)
Robert Walden (PMLL 2/1987)
All Lou Grant regulars (LGS 2/1979, LG 11/1979)