LOU GRANT "Kidnap" (TV episode)

11/26/1979. Monday, 10 pm. 1 hour.
CBS. Season 3 of 5. Episode 55.
Newspaper drama.
Code: LG 11/1979


While the city room staff covers the story of a missing plane carrying the Todesca High basketball team, Mrs. Pynchon ponders an offer from a large newspaper chain.


Writer: Bud Freeman.
Director: Alan Cooke.


Edward Asner as Lou Grant
Robert Walden as Joe Rossi
Linda Kelsey as Billie Newman
Mason Adams as Charlie Hume
Jack Bannon as Art Donovan
Daryl Anderson as Dennis "Animal" Price
Nancy Marchand as Margaret Pynchon


Parley Baer as Sheriff Burkhardt
Allan Nicholls
Jonathan Banks as Clay Starkes, Todesca resident who rents house space to Trib staffers. Listed 3rd of guests.
Jordan Rhodes as Schultz
Stanley Kamel as Niles
Virginia Bingham as Patty Starkes


Clay is an opportunistic good ol' boy, smiles a lot and takes the Trib staffers for every penny he can get, for his ‘kindness’ in taking them in. He’s fond of his kids, Clay Jr. and Buddy; lots of good interaction with them. Clay Jr. gets to wear daddy’s hat for the photo Animal takes of the Trib staff and the Starkes family in the last scene.


"Then there's the food. We could say $25 a day apiece. Is that okay? Is that all right? I just want to be fair. Is that fair?"


About 3 minutes, in 5 scenes, throughout episode.


Robert Walden (PMLL 2/1987)
Mason Adams (WIJ 10/1986)
All Lou Grant regulars (LGS 2/1979, LGR 1/1981)