9/18/1984. Tuesday 9 PM. 2 hours.
ABC Season 1 of 1
Code: JES 9/1984


Recently divorced Dr. Jessie Hayden, police psychiatrist, returns to her hometown of Tucson. Her first case involves a series of rape/murders.


Writer: Unknown
Director: Unknown


Lindsay Wagner as Dr. Jessie Hayden
Tony Lo Bianco as Lieutenant Alex Ascoli
Celeste Holm as Molly Hayden
William Lucking as Sergeant Mac McClellan
Peter Isacksen as Officer Floyd Comstock
Renée Jones as Ellie, Mack's secretary
Jonathan Banks as Ernie Ross
Molly Cheek
David Marshall Grant
Billy Harding
Lupe Ontiveros


All information from printed sources, not seen. It seems likely that JB was only in the TV movie pilot episode and not in the series which followed, airing eight episodes or less in the fall of 1984.