IKE (TV miniseries)

5/3,4,6/1979. Thursday, Friday, Sunday, 9 pm. 6 hours.
ABC. Video: 4 hours.
Code: IKE 5/1979


WWII career of Dwight D. Eisenhower, with the focus on his relationship with Kay Summersby, his female British driver.


Writer: Melville Shavelson, from Kay Summersby's book Past Forgetting.
Directors: Melville Shavelson, Boris Sagal.


Robert Duvall as General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Lee Remick as Kay Summersby
Dana Andrews as General George C. Marshall
J. D. Cannon as General Walter Bedell Smith
Paul Gleason as Captain Ernest "Tex" Lee
Darren McGavin as General George S. Patton
William Schallert as General Mark Clark
Richard Herd as General Omar Bradley
Bonnie Bartlett as Mamie Eisenhower
K Callan as Mrs. Westerfield
Jonathan Banks as first Sergeant. Listed 28th of 46. No screen credit on video.


The Sergeant is on guard duty at I-Corps HQ, Algiers, and quite busy eyeing the ladies in the jeep. When Kay Summersby arrives in a nightgown after being rescued at sea, she’s fair game for his sarcastic comments.


A tiny role, but he gets the most out of it.


WWII U.S. Army uniform and helmet. The stripes are those of a Sergeant, not a First Sergeant; credit uses 'first' to differentiate between three unnamed sergeant characters.


"Much to recommend... used new electronic technology to convert WWII newsreels to color with startling effectiveness." Los Angeles Times, 5/3/1979, sec.IV, p.32.

"It's soap opera time... history bumps awkwardly against broad schmaltzy romantic hints." Variety, 5/9/1979.

Also reviewed by: New York Times 5/3/1979, sec.III, p.24.


"Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa - Halt!"

"Sorry, baby, must've given you the wrong name when he torpedoed you."


36 seconds, in 1 scene, about 2 1/2 hours into 4 hour video version.


Richard Herd (TJHW 4/1982; TJHB 3/1983; SQWS 2/1994)
William Schallert (HAR 7/1999)