HUNTER "The Big Fall" (TV episode)

11/23/1985. Saturday, 10 pm. 1 hour.
NBC. Season 2 of 7. Episode 28.
Police drama.
Code: HUNB 11/1985


A protected witness, target of a hit contract, is at the mercy of an alcoholic cop and a cop of dubious reputation when Hunter and McCall go off shift. When the witness goes out the window of the high-rise hotel, Hunter and McCall fight the clock to track down a suspect, battling their way through false identities and double crosses.


Writer: Roger Turrentine.
Director: James Whitmore, Jr.


Fred Dryer as Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter
Stepfanie Kramer as Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall
James Whitmore, Jr. as Sgt. Bernard Terwilliger.
Bruce Davison as Captain Wyler


Jonathan Banks as Gary Krewson, cop gone bad. Listed 1st of guests.
Mills Watson as Longmire
Vic Polizos as Fabro
Richard Forongy
Patti Tippo as Mandy
Lou Felder


Krewson is a cop on the take and a murderer. He pushes a prostitute, rips her dress, and manhandles her. When he meets with McCall on the pier, he comes on to her, touches her and uses his arms to bracket her body against railing, invading her space. Later McCall shoots him, and he falls out the window. They let him hang there to make him confess.


He’s got a chip on shoulder. He lies convincingly. At first he isn't sure about taking hit job; gives in and takes the money. He goes out of his way to wake victim and send regards of man who hired him before knocking him out prior to killing him.


They clearly wrote this to be reminiscent of JB’s character Zack in Beverly Hills Cop.

It’s worthwhile watching, with lots of good business for JB, and more character than usual for a villain part on this sort of show. Good scenes include playing with a baseball in car lot, all the 'I'm innocent' lying scenes, the expressions while deciding about the hit job, and great screaming and begging when hung out of window. After he hits victim with his gun, he wipes his mouth on sleeve, one of the great JB bad guy bits.


The costumer liked him, and gave him very flattering colors, dark and light blues, bright reds, black, and even a bright blue LA baseball cap.


"Aw, Hunter. How's it feel for a hot dog dick like you to be pulling garbage duty?"

(To McCall on pier) "We've gotta stop meeting like this. What did you have in mind -- a matinee?"

"I'd like a strip search."


About 18 minutes in 8 scenes, throughout episode.


James Whitmore, Jr. (WOR 11/1978; RAG 9/1980; HMS 9/1985)