HIGHLANDER "Under Color of Authority" (TV episode)

2/12/1994. Syndicated. Day and time vary. 1 hour.
Season 2 of 6. Episode 34.
Code: HUC 2/1994


Duncan meets an old adversary when Richie befriends a young woman on the run from the law.


Writer: Peter Mohan.
Director: Clay Borris.


Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
Philip Akin as Charlie DeSalvo
Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson


Jonathan Banks as Mako, an immortal lawman. Listed 1st of guests.
Deanna Munro as Laura
Lochlyn Munro as Tim


Mako only murders people legally. Hits Richie in the face three times with heel of hand, grabs him by hair. Shoots man in gunfight. Kills woman accidentally with car. Sword fight with Richie, wounds him twice, also throws trash can at him.


Mako is totally dedicated to upholding the law, without which he feels humanity is no better than the beast. Not interested in the usual practice of killing other immortals, unless they get between him and his fugitive quarry. Has sword or knife scar on right cheek.


Nice close-up of Mako’s and MacLeod’s eyes during their stare down, and Mako growls during the sword fight.

An outtake from the sword fight, where JB kicked a bag of packing material and it stuck on his foot, is part of the blooper tape sold with the commercial Highlander tapes.


Western time. They managed to use all the contemporary and historical Western looks, mostly in black and gray, including a fancy detailed jacket, a string tie, a bolo tie, cowboy boots, silver belt buckle, duster coat, Federal marshal star, gun belt with tie down, and a pearl-handled gun. JB has a beard for this role.


Richie’s first beheading, handled in the usual way. They show the blow, but not the beheading, the body filmed in such a way you can’t see the head, or lack of it.


"And a newspaperman, is it? Last time I saw you, you and Fitzcairn were just learning to read."

"Justice? Justice is what a lawyer gets when the judge rules in his favor. The law is what we live by. It's the rules."

"A man cannot live any other way. Do you realize that I have been a lawman for almost 600 years, even before I was immortal? I have seen cities burned, I have seen children slaughtered. Law is what separates us from the beast. We leave it, we leave a hole with no bottom."

"It's the law, it is my life."


Filmed in Vancouver, B.C. first week of November 1993. Old West sequences filmed on the Bordertown set. (Bordertown was a 1989 syndicated Western series, a Canadian/French/U.S. co-production.)


About 12 minutes in 10 scenes, throughout episode.


Jim Byrnes (WG 9/1987)
Lochlyn Munro (WG 9/1987, episodes 58, 62)