HILL STREET BLUES "Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart?" (TV episode)

5/5/1983 Thursday, 10 pm. 1 hour.
NBC. Season 3 of 7. Episode 56.
Code: HSBB 5/1983


Washington and a sleazy accomplice set up a drug buy that goes wrong, leaving the cop facing a shotgun; Furillo and his new wife Joyce try to work out problems they're having with his son. (JB’s plot continued from previous episode.)


Writers: Michael Wagner, David Milch, Karen Hall; Steven Bochco, Anthony Yerkovitch, Jeffrey Lewis.
Director: Thomas Carter.


Daniel J. Travanti as Captain Francis X. Furillo
Michael Conrad as Sgt. Philip Esterhaus
Michael Warren as Officer Robert Hill
Bruce Weitz as Detective Michael Belker
James B. Sikking as Lt. Howard Hunter
Joe Spano as Detective Henry Goldblume
Barbara Bosson as Fay Furillo
Veronica Hamel as Joyce Davenport


Dennis Franz as Det. Sal Benedetto
Jonathan Banks as Carl Brown, aka Reggie Orson, etc. with multiple personality disorder.
Marco Rodriguez as Rico
Michael Lerner as Rollie Simone
George Innes as James Willett Frame
Zerondrick Hubbard as Speedboat
David Fresco as Iggy


T.J. (one persona) is a murderer.


The JB plot continues from the previous episode.

This is highly recommended-- wonderful acting, in a very intense role. The death scene is heart-wrenching.


Street person grunge, ripped shirt, black high-tops and stubble.


Carl suffers from multiple personality disorder, and the role contains many different characters. His face goes blank between personalities, and he does some touch, usually to head or face, as new persona arrives. T.J. goes berserk, breaks glass, growling, screaming, as he holds a roomful of cops at bay. Jimmy has lots of attitude, gestures. Carl (the basic personality) is relieved and grateful when others 'killed' before his death. We see Reggie, Franklin Butterbaugh, Jimmy, T.J., Pete, a kid, and Carl; others mentioned, not shown.

Joyce Davenport is his lawyer.


Carl jumps from a window. (Note: suicide is very common in cases of severe multiple personality disorder.) He doesn’t die instantly, and has a chance to be grateful the other personalities are gone before he dies.


"Come and get him. He should be dead. I want you to kill him." (Other persona about T.J.)

"If you won't kill him, I will, I'll push him out."

"Is T.J. dead?"

"It's so quiet. They're all gone."


2 minutes, 30 seconds. in 3 scenes (first 2 are phone calls); 3rd is 45 minutes in.


Dennis Burkley, (episode 55.) (SAN 1/1981; ROW 8/1986)
Charles Haid (WSR 8/1978)
Veronica Hamel (SHO 4/1994)
Kathleen Lloyd, (episode 55) (GC 2/1981)