11/22-12/13/1968 Indiana University Theatre.
Code: HIV 11/1968


A tragedy, first published in 1922, about a modern Italian nobleman who has out of madness played the part of Emperor Henry IV of Germany for twenty years. A doctor arrives with Henry's ex-lover, Matilde, her lover, Belcredi, Matilde's daughter and her fiance, hoping to shock him back to reality. 'Henry' reveals he has been sane for some years, that Belcredi caused the accident that pushed him into madness, and stabs Belcredi. He must now continue to pretend madness to escape the consequences of his action


Writer: Luigi Pirandello.
Director: John K. Tillinghast.

CAST: (not in order.)

Kirk Hard
Jon Banks as Baron Tito Belcredi
Mel Groth
Debbie May


"...the play dragged in spots... Jon Banks as Baron Tito Belcredi, with his relaxed portrayal, provided relief from some of the other actors whose movements made it seem they were bumping against glass walls." Nancy Lyon, Bloomington Sunday Tribune and Star Courier, 11/24/1968, sec.1, pg.4.


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