7/18/1999. CBS. Sunday, 9 pm. 2 hours.
Also aired on Odyssey cable channel.
Code: HAR 7/1999


Writer: Joe Doughterty from the play by Mary C. Chase.
Director: George Schaefer.


The story of a gentle, eccentric man and his friend, a six-foot invisible rabbit. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winnning stage play.


Harry Anderson as Elwood P. Dowd
Leslie Nielen as Dr. Chumley
Swoosie Kurtz as Veta
Lisa Akey as Myrtle Mae
Robert Wisden
Jessica Hecht
Jonathan Banks as C.J. Lofgren, cab driver.
Jim O’Heir as Wilson
William Schallert as Judge Omar Gafney
Brendan Beiser Officer Kowalski
Lynda Boyd as Mrs. Chumley
Alf Humphreys as Officer Dugan


Lofgren is just interested in getting his fare paid until he hears about Elwood getting the drug treatment, then he’s upset and belligerent. Elwood’s interest in his life and subsequent dinner invitation soften him up.


Adequate adaptation. Leslie Neilsen’s comic talents are wasted, though.


Working Joe clothes, with one of those small-brimmed hats that look comic, with the front of the brim pushed up.


"…it's almost as difficult to find an actor capable of playing Dowd as it would be to find a performer to portray an invisible 6-foot-8 white rabbit. Actually, there may be none who aren't named Jimmy Stewart or Art Carney. And Anderson, unfortunately, is neither a Stewart nor a Carney although his Dowd rises well above most actors who have attempted the role. And it might have risen even higher in this outing had its Joseph Dougherty adaptation been smoother, especially in the early going." Bob Sokolsky, Press Enterprise, 7/17/1999, Entertainment, Pg. E01.


"You’re gonna get my money from your brother what’s in there getting some of that stuff they shoot out here?"

"Lady, after they give him that juice, he’ll be a perfectly normal human being—and you know what sons of bitches they are."


Filmed in Vancouver, April-May 1996.


3 minutes in 1 scene, in last 15 minutes of film.


Leslie Neilsen (AIR 7/1980)
William Schallert (IKE 5/1979)