Episode 1. Thursday, 2/12/1981, 8 pm. 3 hours.

The lives of Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Bugsy Siegal, and the fictional Michael Lasker are trailed from the time they meet on New York's Lower East Side in 1907.

Episode 2. Saturday, 2/21/1981, 9 pm. 1 hour.

The three men move up the ladder of gangsterdom during the mob war years of the 30s, as they try to remain neutral in a battle between bosses Masseria and Maranzano.

Episode 3. Saturday, 2./8/1981, 9 pm. 1 hour.

As the gang wars continue, Luciano is lucky to survive a kidnapping and torture; Lasker goes to Havana to make a deal with the future Cuban dictator Batista; Siegal appears to double cross Luciano.

Episode 4. Saturday, 3/7/1981, 9 pm. 1 hour.

Bugsy disappears and is presumed dead after his double cross of Luciano; Luciano gets his final revenge on Joe the Boss; Maranzano makes Luciano an offer he better not refuse.

Episode 5. Saturday, 3/14/1981, 9 pm. 1 hour.

Maranzano orders Luciano, Lasker and Siegel to kill Dutch Schultz for moving in on their numbers racket, but they refuse and try settle the dispute peaceably.

Episode 6. Saturday, 3/21/198, 9 pm. 1 hour.

After Luciano and Lasker murder the treacherous boss Maranzano and Luciano becomes top man, they set up the notorious Murder Incorporated to keep themselves in power.

Episode 7. Saturday, 4/11/1981, 9 pm. 1 hour.

The three gangsters unite in the face of an attempt by Legs Diamond, Dutch Schultz, as well as district attorney Tom Dewey to put them out of business.

Episode 8. Friday, 4/24/1981, 9 pm. 2 hours.

Fresh from his triumph at the national crime convention in Chicago, Luciano finds himself the target of federal prosecutor Tom Dewey, a rival gang led by Dutch Schultz, and Legs Diamond. Meanwhile, a feud between Schultz and Mad Dog Coll erupts.

Episode 9. Friday, 5/1/1981, 9 pm. 2 hours.

Luciano supports FDR at the 1932 Democratic National Convention; Al Capone is arrested on tax evasion; Mad Dog Coll is eliminated by Dutch Schultz; Siegal discovers his wife is having an affair.

Episode 10. Friday, 5/8/1981, 10 pm. 1 hour.

After an attempt on his life, Siegal goes after the man who arranged it; Lasker and Luciano persuade Huey Long to allow them to operate in Louisiana, but their deal with FDR falls through.