1/17/1992. Friday. 108 minutes. (110 minutes on video.) Rated R.
Drama/Science fiction.
aka: "Free Jack"
Code: FJ 1/1992


In 2009, people from the past on the verge of death are captured and taken to have their bodies sold to the old and rich as replacements. ‘Freejacks’ are those who escape; they are pursued by bounty hunters.


Writers: Ronald Shusett, Steven Pressfield, Dan Gilroy.
Director: Geoff Murphy.


Emilio Estevez as Alex Furlong
Anthony Hopkins as McCandless
Mick Jagger as Vecendak
Rene Russo as Julie Redlund
David Johansen as Brad Hines
Jonathan Banks as Mark Michelette, executive vice president of MacCorp. Listed 6th of 11.
Grand Bush as Boone
Amanda Plummer as Nun
Vincent Schiavelli
John Shea as Morgan


Michelette hires killers and plots the takeover of his company. He slaps a nun, hard enough to knock her sideways in chair. Nun then kicks him in the groin. Julie slaps him; he enjoys firing her.


Flat, cold corporate villain with fits of rage. Office decor, including a large ornate gilded chair and Faberge eggs, indicates he enjoys displays of wealth. Wears expensive suits.


Confrontation in office is good, also good reactions when yelling at Vecendak, and in the final shoot-out.

The premiere at Mann’s Chinese Theatre was a big publicity event, including a parade of costumed extras and eight futuristic vehicles from the film. (PR Newswire, 1/15/1992)


Future flash business suits, all dark gray double-breasted long jackets with different lapels and pocket treatments. Features include crossed lapels, button pocket detail, and a flashy gray patterned vest with long points at front waist. A rather good job of imaginative futuristic business wear.


Los Angeles Times, 1/20/1992, sec.F, p.4, NYT 1/18/1992, sec.I, p.17.


Shot 8 to 10 times in chest, thrown backwards.


"And tell me, how would you feel if you'd been dead a day and a half and somebody brought you more bad news?"

"Why, Victor, who do you think you're talking to?"

"Are you lying, Sister?"

"How touching. A woman in love."

"I'm taking over the company."

"Excellent shot, Ms. Redland. You just made me head of MacCorp. You will remind me to change the name."

"You're no longer needed here, asshole."


Filmed in Atlanta, New York City, Hoboken, 1/28/91 to 5/17/91.


5 minutes in 8 scenes, throughout film.


Vincent Schiavelli (ABB 8/1984; OTW 1/1985 episode 5; HMB 2/1985)