1/28/1999 89 minutes.
Crime / Thriller / Drama. New Moon Productions/Unapix.
U.S. Theatrical release (Slamdance Film Festival) 1/28/1999.
U.S. DVD release, 7/?/2000, U.S. video release 12/27/2000
Code: DWB 1/1999


Writers: Jonathan Penner, Stacy Title
Director: Stacy Title


Hamlet in contemporary Los Angeles. A man comes face-to-face with personal treachery after suspecting that his father may have been murdered.


Jonathan Penner as Jack Lyne
Jacqueline Bisset
Mary-Louise Parker as Julia
Jamey Sheridan as Uncle Carl
Philip Baker Hall
Jonathan Banks
Maury Chaykin
Chris Sarandon
Jeffrey Schoeny as Young Jack
Brooke Taylor as Tiffany
Thomas F. Duffy as Tony, the Bartender
Norman Reedus
Matt Salinger as Policeman
Kevin West as The Pharmacist


A faithful family retainer to Jack's late father. He is supportive and helpful to Jack, and cries when Jack is dying in his arms.


Interesting film, and very dark-literally. Alleys, bars, graveyards, strip clubs and streets of L.A.--all at night. Good supporting role for JB, as his character throws himself into aiding young Jack with information, a helping hand, and fists or guns against his enemies.


Flattering maroon shirt and black leather jacket, with a beret-type cap.


"A first-rate ensemble cast and genuinely clever reworkings of Shakespearean plot devices are the major selling points for Let the Devil Wear Black, a noirish "Hamlet" modernization by indie helmer Stacy Title ("The Last Supper"). …slickly produced free-form version should provide a pleasant surprise for venturesome video renters and pay cable viewers. … Jonathan Banks is a standout as the kind of guy who knows where all the bodies are buried (because he buried most of them himself)." Joe Leydon, Variety, June 28-July 11, 1999, p. 74.

"…an awkward but effective adaptation of Shakespeare's dysfunctional-family play, set in contemporary, seedy Los Angeles. The film's screenwriter, Jonathan Penner, also plays the lead role. Penner is unfortunately no star, but thanks to the connections he and director/wife Stacy Title … have made, they put together a sturdy and interesting cast…" Chris Riemenschneider (American-Statesman Staff) Austin Film Festival review, posted October 11, 1999, Austin 360.com.


(About Uncle Carl) "He's a two watt."

(At strip club) "I don't wanna be here."

(To dying Jack) "I coulda kept you safe."


Los Angeles.


3 scenes.