DUE SOUTH "Heaven and Earth" (TV episode)

6/16/1995. CBS. Friday, 9 pm. 1 hour.
Episode 19. Season 1 of 3.
Police drama.
Code: DSH 6/1995


A homeless man’s visions provide a lead in the case of a kidnapped college student.


Writers: Phil Bedarde, Larry Lelonde.
Director: David Warry-Smith.


Paul Gross as Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
David Marciano as Ray Vecchio, Chicago PD
Beau Starr as Lt. Welsh
Daniel Kash as Louis Gardino
Tony Craig as Jack Huey
Catherine Bruhier as Elaine Besbriss


Jonathan Banks as Garret, a transient
Ramona Milano as Francesca Vecchio
Alex Carter as Agent Ford
Djanet Sears as Caroline Wilson
Mark Melymick as Agent Deeter
Bill MacDonald as the kidnapper


Garret wants to help save the girl, but also doesn’t want to get involved. He struggles hard against the pain his ‘gift’ has brought him. Ultimately he chooses to help.


Very powerful performance. The scenes in the interrogation room with Agent Ford, then with Fraser, and feeling the ransom note with the back of his hands, are great; also the big speech, and the scene in the pit when Fraser reachs down to him.

The whole show is excellent. IMO, this is the best TV role JB has had since Wiseguy, and provides ample opportunity to showcase his talents in an unusual role for him. Well worth watching.

JB got the chance to act with his old friend Davis Marciano in this episode. Years before, he suggested David for the role of Lorenzo Steelgrave in Wiseguy, which was David’s first television role.


Cold-climate street people clothes. He has a red watch cap.


(About vision) "Not again, not now."

"I’d like to help. I have something about the girl."

"You don’t understand. I wasn’t there. I just see things."

"What I feel doesn’t help people. I feel them. I feel them until they crush me. Other people’s lives, other people’s pain. I don’t know whether it’s me anymore... I let them in and they swallow me until I feel like I’m suffocating. I don’t want their pain anymore. I don’t care. I just want them to stop."

(About Diefenbaker, Fraser’s deaf wolf) "Good listener."


The series filmed in Toronto.


15 scenes, throughout episode.


David Marciano (WG, 9/1987, episode 4)