DIAGNOSIS: MURDER "Murder by Friendly Fire" (TV episode)

9/19/1996. CBS. Friday, 8 pm. 1 hour.
Season 4 of 8 Episode 60. Season premiere.
Detective/medical drama.
Code: DMF 9/1996


A cop dies after being shot accidentally by his commanding officer during a raid gone bad, but Dr. Sloan wonders if it really was an accident.


Writer: Gillian Horvath.
Director: Christian I. Nyby II.


Dick Van Dyke as Dr. Mark Sloan
Victoria Rowell as Amanda Bentley
Charlie Schlatter as Dr. Jesse Travis
Michael Tucci as Norman Briggs
Barry Van Dyke as Det. Steve Sloan


Kim Johnston Ulrich as Janine Vogel
Robert Hooks as Andrew Chivers
Richard Joseph Paul as Daniel Brent?
Brent Huff as Doug Vogel?
Claudette Roche as Carol
Jonathan Banks as Max Jupe


Max is the murderer, but the woman made him do it.


Detective Max Jupe is a vice cop nearing retirement He’s 53; two years from retirement, an old pro. A good cop for many years, he was lead astray by a scheming money-hungry woman. Has divorce in his past; loneliness made him vulnerable.


Max and Janine share two very passionate kisses.


Police uniform, including his dress uniform at the funeral. He has tortoiseshell glasses.


"Since I decided you needed an old pro to show you how it’s done."

"My team, my operation, who else do I blame? I pulled the damn trigger. It’s my responsibility."

"Things you remember after you kill a guy."

"Now it’s just me and the remote control and a bag of cheese twisties."

"Find a beautiful lady, thinks I’m a real catch, and go to a nice quiet beach somewhere." (Holding gun sideways) "It might look good but it’s a lousy way to hold a Beretta." (After some excellent target shooting) "Bet you never saw a movie star do that."

"I don’t want ten million dollars, baby, I want you."


12 scenes, throughout episode.