1/1/1997. 99 min. Video release only.
P.M. Entertainment Group.
Science fiction.
Code: DB 1/1997


Former astronaut Nick Saxon discovers that six shuttle astronauts who crash landed have been invested with the "Dark Breed"-- a race of reptilian parasites. Aided by an alien Watcher, Nick must destroy the reptiles before they mature and destroy the human race.


Writer: Richard Preston, Jr.
Director: Richard Pepin.


Jack Scalia as Nick Saxon
Lance Le Gault as Cutter
Jonathan Banks as Commander Joseph Shay, one of the astronauts, and Kata (sp?) the lizard commander infesting him.
Donna W. Scott as Deborah
Robin Curtis as Marian
Felton Perry as Powell


Joe is a good guy, but Kata is a lizard alien planning the destruction of humanity. Kata kills a guy by putting Joe's arm straight through the man's body. He also smashes a truck driver in the face, mashes lots of people, tosses them around. As a lizard he wrecks havoc.


Joe is a nice guy, willing to sacrifice himself to save the world. He cares enough about his buddy Nick to force the lizard to spare his life, and saved the CD Nick gave him even while escaping from a crashing space shuttle. (Yeah, right.)

Kata is a mean, nasty-tempered lizard who despises humans.


Pretty lame.


Joe has a few day's beard from the shuttle mission. He wears a white astronaut coverall, with really big American flag on back. The lizards wear yellow slit-pupil contact lenses.

Joe gets to have the lizard erupt out of his nude body, with some writhing stuff under the skin effects.


"...manages to be gory enough to keep die-hard sci-fi fans interested. Everyone else should consider renting one of the classics." C. Delle Donne Damiani, Rough Cut.


Joe is killed when the lizard erupts.


Kata: "Your friend Joe is evolved."

Kata : "None of your pathetic little lives matter any more."

Joe: "Zero options. We destroy ourselves. This may be our only chance. I have a wife and I have a kid. This may be our only chance to save them. It may be our only chance to save the human race. You are privy to these creatures' thoughts, we all are. We know what they plan. It's the only way."

Kata: "You will not endure, human."


Filmed in Long Beach, California.


About 15 minutes, in 18 scenes, throughout the film.


Jack Scalia (DCC 12/1982, SHO 4/1994)
Felton Perry (OPH 3/1979)