2/15/1978 Wednesday. 126 minutes. Rated R.
United Artists.
Code: CH 2/1978


A Marine officer's wife works at VA hospital while her husband is in Vietnam. Her relationship with an embittered, crippled veteran she meets there transforms both their lives.


Writers: Waldo Salt, Robert C. Jones, Nancy Dowd.
Director: Hal Ashby.


Jane Fonda as Sally Hyde
Jon Voight as Luke Martin
Bruce Dern as Capt. Bob Hyde
Robert Ginty as Sgt. Dink Mobley
Penelope Milford as Viola Munson
Jonathan Banks as one of three "Marines at party" (unnamed). Listed 23rd of 44.


The film received 5 Academy awards


Drunk. Gives snappy overdone salute when arrives at house. Swears. Annoyed when another Marine repeats a joke, gives punchline before he can.


JB said, "John Voight was the star and I came in and puked in the fish tank... They shot it for two weeks. ...the only time I went to the dailies Hal Ashby literally fell out of a chair and laughed at what we were doing, because a lot of it was improv, and we were drunk Marines and Jane Fonda was tripping all over us." At the screening he found that only a brief scene made it into the film. "I went out and tapped on Ashby's window as he was driving away, and I told him I'd cut the thing. I never went to dailies again after that. Ever." (PS89)


JB wears a tan Marine uniform with ribbons and sharpshooter badge, and a garrison cap. His hair is short, of course, and parted (unusual for him.)


The film received excellent reviews.

Los Angeles Times, 2/12/1978, Calendar p.1.

New York Times, 2/16/1978, sec.III, p.20.

Variety 2/15/1978.


"I don't want you to look at that turtle."


40 seconds in 2 scenes.