Comedy. Brown County Playhouse, Nashville, Indiana.
(Indiana University Theatre summer theater program.)
Code: BY 7/1967


The Broadway hit about the transformation of former chorus girl Billie Dawn from "dumb broad" girlfriend of rich junk dealer Harry Brock into his shrewd opponent.


Writer: Garson Kanin.
Director: (Unknown.)

CAST: (Not in order.)

Sharon McBride as Billie Dawn
Jon Banks as Harry Brock
Randolph Giddings as Brock's cousin
Fred Casciato as reporter
William Dobkin as lawyer
Bob Myers.


"A dated play... well-acted... worth the trip... As Harry Brock, the uneducated but by no means unsmart cookie who has made his millions at the expense of everyone he has ever known, Jon Banks has the right attitude and 'duh-yeah' manner of speaking, but he fails to put enough personaility into the part." Lois Schenck, The Bloomington Tribune, 7/16/1967, sec.1, pg.8.

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