4/16/1993. Friday. Rated R. 92 minutes. Video release 8/1993.
Warner Bros.
aka: "Money Men"
Code: BP 4/1993


Treasury agent seeks revenge on the counterfeiting con man who killed his partner.


Writer-director: James B. Harris.


Wesley Snipes as Jimmy Mercer
Dennis Hopper as Red Diamond
Lolita Davidovitch as Vikki Dunbar
Viggo Mortensen as Ronnie
Seymour Cassel as Virgil Leach
Jonathan Banks as Max Waxman, attorney. Listed 6th of 26.


Max is a crooked lawyer with illegal operations that pay well and keep his hands clean.


Hard and tough behind smooth veneer. Sarcastic. Likes expensive office decor such as Tiffany lamp, ship model, crystal. Has expensive suits, limo. Resents being muscled by the Feds. Dislikes being touched.


This is a really good film. It was marketed and re-titled to take advantage of Wesley Snipes success in "Passenger 57" the year before, so the ads and video box would have one believe it’s full of explosions and big guns. It isn’t—it’s full of great characters and an interesting plot that is quite touching in places. JB has some wonderful material, and a great scene in the car when Mercer threatens him.


Flattering, expensive, classy suits, gold collar pin. The look is ‘money.’


"Stylish film noir... sophisticated pleasure... taut and crisp... sterling actors as (list) and Jonathan Banks, a standout as a slick, crooked Century City attorney." Los Angeles Times, 4/16/1993, sec.F, p.8.

"Low-key and bland... because of terrific acting down to the smallest role, audience interest is maintained despite the minimalist direction and lack of story twists... Seymour Cassel and Jonathan Banks are on the money as criminal types." Variety, 4/19/1993.


"Well, I'll finish it for you. The answer is no, nada, nothing."

"Don't touch." (Many of JB’s tough guys, including Frank McPike, dislike invasion of their personal space.)

"Is this a shakedown? You think you're gonna muscle a lawyer on a beef when the statute's already run out? Don't be a schmuck."

"May I offer you one of my cards, either of you?"


Filmed in Los Angeles, including Hollywood Blvd., from 3/30 to 5/29/1992.


About 6 minutes in 3 scenes.


Dan Hedaya (RTM 4/1982; ABB 8/1984)