5/18-7/2/1978. Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles. Center Theatre Group.
Drama. World premiere.
Code: BLA 5/1978


The Black Angel, a released Nazi war criminal, tries to make a new life for himself and his wife in France.


Writer: Michael Cristofer.
Director: Gordon Davidson.


Joseph Maher as Martin Engel
Tyne Daly as Simone Engel
Neil Flanagan as Calude
Richard Dysart as Louis
David Spielberg as August
Vincent Duke Milana as 1st Hooded Man
Bob Basso as 2nd Hooded Man
Richard Riner as 3rd Hooded Man/M.P.
Art LaFleur as Andy/M.P./Hooded Man
Jonathan Banks as Bob/M.P., listed 10th of 10


"(The play has)a tendency to speechify ... a long soliloquy from an American MP (Jonathan Banks) on why he had to rough up Engel in prison--some inner pressure from his people back in Milwaukee. …it’s not clear that Cristofer’s play gives it’s audience much new to think about. … The Black Angel describes many lovely and satisfying curves, until the words set in." Dan Sullivan, Los Angeles Times, 5/19/1978, sec.IV, p.16.


Tyne Daly (CAL 11/1984)
Art LaFleur (SAF ?/1976?; IW 2/1983; BIB 9/1984; FM 2/1986; CRG 7/1986; WG 9/1987 episode 70)
David Spielberg (WG 9/1987 episodes 16-21)