BIG JOHN, LITTLE JOHN Unknown title (TV episode)

9/?/1976. Saturday, 10 am. 1/2 hour.
NBC. Season 1 of 2. ? of 13 episodes.
Children's fantasy/comedy.
Code: BJLJ 9/1976


While vacationing in Florida, John Martin, a junior high science teacher, and his family visit the Ponce de Leon National Park. John finds and drinks from a small spring, unaware it is the Fountain of Youth. Weeks later, the effects start to show up as Big John reverts unpredictably to 12-year-old Little John, and vice versa. Stories depict his struggles to cope with the changes and to find an antidote.


Written and produced: Sherwood Schwartz (of Gilligan's Island and Invisible Woman.)


Herb Edelman as Big John Martin
Robbie Rist as Little John Martin
Joyce Bulifant as Marjorie Martin
Mike Darnell as Ricky Martin
Olive Dubar as Bertha Bottomly
Cari Anne Warder as Valerie
Christoff St. John as Homer
Stephen Cassidy as Stanley


Jonathan Banks as a policeman.


Information on this role from Jonathan Banks in an interview in 1994 (MG94.) No further information available.

Jonathan Banks describes asking if he could slap the kid's face --demonstrated business of pinching a boy's cheek -- "Such a kid!" -- then turning it into a light slap, showing the policeman's annoyance with the boy, and said it caused some fuss. "The producers didn't like it. They weren't ready for that on Saturday morning." (MG94)