2/24-25;3/1-4/1967 Indiana University Theatre
Code: ALC 2/1967


First performed in 1610, this is a satiric comedy about three rogues attempting to con gullible folks with a gold-making scheme.


Writer: Ben Jonson.
Director: David Wiley.


Daniel Alkofer as Subtle
Robert Montilla as Face
Ted Steckler as Dapper
Nancy Locke as Dol Common
Jonathan Banks as Drugger
Bill Wilson as Lovewit
Michael McCarty
Kenneth Bendel
Frank Ball
Robert Packard
Rick Datzman
Cynthia Lester
Nancy Niland
Anna Jane Allen
Merrill Jeffrey.


"Some of the best acting came from supporting roles... The character of Drugger, played well by Jonathan Banks, was beautifully summed up in his line, 'Oh, yes, sir, did you ever see me play the fool?' Mr. Banks played it marvelously." Linda Kuntz, Indiana Daily Student, 2/25/1967, p.6.

"A rollicking comedy..." Bloomington Tribune, 2/23/1967.

"In terms of putting spirit into the play and creating distinctive characters, the production was completely successful." Dave Lorentz, Daily Herald-Telephone, 2/25/1967.


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