12/16/1987 Wednesday, 90 minutes, Rated R
aka "Stiletto"

CODE: CS 12/1987


A LAPD detective is set up by a woman to be killed by Iceman, a knife-wielding maniac with a mechanical voice-box and a scarred face who blames him for his condition.


Write: Michael Sonye
Director: Dorothy Ann Puzo


Brad Davis as Johnny Modine
Sharon Stone as Kathy
Jonathan Banks as "Iceman" Isaac. Listed 3rd of 9
John Acovone as Cookie
Adam Ant as Mick


Iceman is a murderer, he knifed Modine’s father. He is also a methadrine addict and a robber. Beats up fish man before killing him by forcing him to eat the tropical fish. Grabs and thumps Kathy with back of his hand, rips open her blouse. Hits Modine on jaw and slices his face during final scene.


Bitter, revengeful, obsessed. Has facial scars, hole in throat from knife fight, speaks with artificial voice box. Methadrine addict, murder, and robber. Crazy giggle (first sound heard on film). Unstable, at least when drunk, even before injuries. Yells "Johnny" a lot. Brutal, enjoys threatening Stone, enjoye killing people. Horrible monster-movie growl when knifed at end.


A terrible film. One hopes that only die-hard fans of the actors involved watch it. It is badly written, the lighting is so murky it’s hard to watch, and there is a mike in shot more than once.

Bearing this all in mind, there are some good moments for JB fans, not the least of which is that he gets to kiss Sharon Stone. Iceman has Kathy tied up, he leans over, caresses her arms, neck and face with side of hand, then moves gag to throat to strangle her, rips her blouse open and kisses her. The kiss is not in close-up and is blocked from camera by his head; lots of slurpy noise, though, because of his scarred throat.

During both murders, Iceman sensuously clutches the victims to his body, resting his cheek on the head of the first victim. (And force-feeding poisonous tropical fish to someone must be an uncommon murder method!) When he takes a methadone injection, he sits still in the chair, showing the drug rush with only small movements.


Hair is combed over his forehead in a fringe. Iceman wears an overcoat, black leather gloves, and a scarf to hide scarred throat. Tank tops in photos.


"Just plain boring... This by-the-book thriller is inane, implausible and unbelievable, even if it's not inept... first-ever murder inflicted by force-feeding a victim tropical fish." Los Angeles Times, 12/16/1987, sec. VI, p. 11.


Modine knifes him, Kathy shoots him, then he bursts into flame and falls off building. (Really!)


"I'm not most people."

(To man he killed with fish) "Bon apetit."

"Let's go get some women, come on, women, women. I'm so horny..."

(picking up girls) "I'm not so bad, I'm not a bad man when you get to know me. Come on, let me carry your books. Come on, I'll take you all on."

"I used to be such a good-looking boy."


About 22 minutes in 13 scenes (including two photographs), throughout film.