4/18/2001 95 min.
Comedy/Adventure Paramount
Code: CDLA 4/2001


Writers: Eric Abrams, Matthew Berry, Paul Hogan
Director: Simon Wincer


Paul Hogan as Mick "Crocodile" Dundee
Linda Kozlowski as Sue Charlton
Jere Burns as Arnan Rothman
Jonathan Banks as Milos Drubnik
Alec Wilson as Jacko
Serge Cockburn as Mikey Dundee
Gerry Skilton as Nugget O'Cass
Steve Rackman as Donk
Aida Turturro as Jean Ferraro
Paul Rodriguez as Diego
Kaitlin Hopkins as Miss Mathis
David Ngoombujarra as Arthur
George Hamilton as Himself
Mike Tyson as Himself
Hal Fishman as Himself


Part of art smuggling ring.


Foreign accent. Associate bad guy to Rothman. Gets to cringe and plead when Mick leaves him out with the wild animals.


Feels a lot like the original film, nothing special, a bit dated, but not terrible. A "wait for the video" type.


Some black leather. Has a beard for the role.


"…a sequel whose time has come - and gone. … Although Jere Burns and Jonathan Banks soldier gamely through the studio boss roles, the film misses the chance to do a job on Hollywood. …Most of the film is tame…" Jeff Carr, The Boston Globe, 4/20/2001, Arts, pg. D6.

"The movie is pokey, and the jokes amble onscreen, squat down on their haunches and draw diagrams of themselves in the dust. But enough Croc-bashing. Truth in journalism compels me to report that 'Crocodile Dundee' is at least genial family entertainment…" Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, 4/20/2001

" …like a kiddie matinee feature. … a pair of slick and nefarious villains, and a fairly clever plot… …the burnished, imperious studio head played by Jere Burns, and his hostile, thick-accented second-in-command, scowlingly done by Jonathan Banks." Malcolm Johnson, The Hartford Courant, 4/20/2001, pg. D7


McKinlay, Queensland and Melbourne, Victoria, Australia beginning August 7, 2000. Fall, 2000, in Los Angeles, California.


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