ASTRONAUTS (TV episode/Pilot)

?/?/200? 1 hour.
ABC. 20th Century Fox.
Science fiction/Drama.
Code: ASTR ?/200?

"A young astronaut heads a team being sent to space to rescue the crew of a damaged space ship" (Ain't it Cool News synopsis.) Other descriptions from press announcements: " Series focusing on the young astronauts of NASA" and "drama set in the world of NASA's STS and ISS programs."


Detailed synopsis on Ain't it Cool News 7/1/02 at

Three astronauts, two Americans and a Russian, are on the International Space Station. The Station suffers a collision and the crew is in danger. The Commander's younger brother joins the rescue mission. The plot is not resolved in the pilot, but would carry over multiple episodes.


Writer: Todd Robinson
Director: Robert Harmon

CAST (not in order)

Jeffrey Pierce as Major Brent Masse
Yvette Nipar as Leslie Forsythe
Chris Potter
Bobby Hosea
Jonathan Banks as Ricard Brack, Director of Flight Crew Operations (unconfirmed)
Jeff Marlowe as EECOM
Jack Patterson as CAPCOM
Alex Veadov as Vladimir Tyurzin
CAST NOTE: Though JB's character is not named, one source says he plays the Director of Flight Crew Operations. The synopsis names that character as Richard Brack. "Senator Clint Garner, head of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, doesn’t want the money-sucking ISS program to succeed. If he had his druthers NASA would be used for one thing and one thing only – the missile defense program… He butts horns with Richard Brack, Director of Flight Crew Operations who’s wily and determined that his program will survive…"


All information from printed sources, not seen. As of July 2002, this program is not listed on the ABC fall schedule. It could be a mid-season replacement, or the pilot might air as TV movie.